We offer 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. Reduce through cutting if need be. Order before 2pm for same day dispatch.   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD), Pagan Fur Mantle Shoulder Fur for vikings Fur Cape Cloak Shieldmaiden Fur Viking Celtic Wedding cape barbarian furs. But it is complete state of the art hand craftsmanship of each and everything of that era. Viking cloaks & coats Discover our beautiful Viking cloaks by Mytholon, Burgschneider, Leonardo Carbone and Epic Armoury. To make you look like a genuine Viking, you must have all possibilities presented to you. Check out our Viking ArmorCollection as well! A range of textiles were created in varying weights and quality and available to those who could afford them. Try using a different browser or disabling ad blockers. Wed: 8am - 5pm. $112.09, $124.55 (Brooch not included)- Made from natural, or plant-dyed wool with hand-stitched edges.- They measure 150 x 110cm (59 x 43 inches).- . It was these conditions that naturally affected the type of clothing worn by the Vikings. Sort By: Quick view Compare Choose Options. Second, some Vikings dress to attract the opposite sex. Larger penannular brooches, also known as cloak pins / fibulas are used for fastening a cloak / coat. Viking Cloak DIY is not hard but due to the variety of inexpensive options available for sale it may be a lot of work - especially if you need a men's Viking cloak. Cloaks made from fur were usually only worn by the wealthy because they were very expensive. The cloaks also feature a variety of styles and designs as well as multi-functional pockets. But they are delivered free of shipment costs now! The Viking Agecloak consists of a large rectangular piece of wool that is meant to provide protection from the elements. The Bear Claw cloak was owned by the Viking chieftain, Ragnar Lothbrok. We have made the most of the technology at our disposal to create helmets that are protective and beautiful, some with ornate etching and knotwork designs that really stand out on the field. You can also find cloaks made from modern materials that have been designed to look like an authentic Norse cloak. For Vikings, Last Kingdom, Game of Thrones and other Cosplays we have the perfect Viking garments like tunics, trousers, cloaks, dresses and more. You can also forward your shopping cart to friends as a wish list. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Redeem them for a discount on your order. Have you made your perfect shopping cart? The master-smiths at Darksword Armory have made our Authentic Viking Helmet from hefty 14-gauge carbon steel, hammered and shaped until it is 2mm thick - this means it is a perfect analogue for the extremely small number of historical Viking helms that have survived up until the modern age. Discover our beautiful Viking cloaks. It is hard to deny that the Viking Age is one of the prevalent ages in pop-culture at the moment. The Their pants were often very loose and gathered about the calves with wrappings. You can buy all your favourite brands in one place here! No need to fear bad weather, we have even created a line of water-resistant clothing intended to shield you from the mist and rain. Our authentic attire collection is not just about viking outfits. "Free Shipping:" Information based on the seller's listing. In fact, experts think they came from that. We use a variety of fabrics including velvet, wool, linen, and canvas to mimic the material and feel of the textiles used in making a traditional cloak in the past. How cool, no? Join your brothers and sisters around the campfire and stay up to date with the latest news, and receive special discounts! We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. $34.99. With over 10 years of experience and 30.000 items, we have the largest assortment in Europe. See listing for more details. E-mail & save your content to order later. Contact us here. To get the real ancient warrior look while reenacting the exciting combats, you must shop these bows made out of strongest alloys. For Viking clothing, reenactment and LARP. From special, museum-replica jewelry to the fittings associated with everyday life for Vikings, from bone dice to wooden combs, you can find it here! Pin/Brooch not included. One of our most popular items with the SCA community are our helmets. © Copyright 2023 CelticWebMerchant.com. ratings/reviews displayed here may not be representative of every listing on this page, or of every review for these listings. Ah, the joys of modern costume design. We are proud of the number of stunning items we have created that may fall into the realm of fantasy, especially because we do truly believe that although there may not be historical references, they could have existed at the time with a little bit of imagination! This way you can put together an entirely unique Viking outfit or costume from garments like skirts, dresses, blouses, tunics, headgear, cloaks, pants and more. The best material for a cloak depends on what you want or who you want to dress up as. $36.99 $ 36. We have everything you need to make the ultimate viking costume that will go above and beyond a basic outfit. The first and the most common type is a rectangular cloak made of undyed wool fabric, which covered a half of the body, leaving one hand open. Perfect for your Viking costume. Viking Cloak - Men's Hooded Cotton Cloak $129.99 Viking Cloak - Women's Hooded Wool Cloak from $189.00 New Viking Long Hooded Woolen Cloak $77.95 Viking Cloak - Men's Hooded Woolen Cloak $179.99 Viking Women's Coat - Sleeveless Battle Coat from $119.99 Viking Cloak - Women's Hooded Cotton Cloak $129.99 Viking Coat - Women's Open Coat from $159.99 When shopping, it is important to keep in mind that not all cloaks are created equal. Find Related Places. In most cases, materials and fabrics cannot be held well. No sword is complete without its shield, though. Website. $260.99 $ 260. This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. They were also used as a status symbol. Each of our luxurious modern version cloaks is made from ultra-soft premium sherpa interior and a micro-mink polyester fabric exterior to create the ultimate in comfort and warmth. Shenanigans like pockets and buttons were uncommon. Original Price $15.00 Cloaks were also used by Norsemen as burial garments. The cloaks made from animal hide were later enhanced with beautiful and colorful designs and patterns to make them more appealing and attractive. Sorry, no dramatic horned helmets here!We hope that you enjoy our beautiful collection of items. Categories. The most usual Cloak was a simple rectangular shape with a slit in the center for the head. Embroidered Hangerock and aprons are clear examples of how fashionable Viking men and women were. We are your Viking Shop! Typically, not all Viking cloaks had attached hoods, but some did. Shipping did take awhile, but the seller is wonderful at responding whenever I had any questions or concerns. Ready For Battle Cape. $104.84, $141.68 Ad vertisement from shop HeavenlySpiritArt, Ad vertisement from shop HistoricalTextile, Ad vertisement from shop FlirtCoutureDivision, Ad vertisement from shop ZingaraEnchantments, Sale Price $12.35 Most accessories and clothes available in the. Width: 4'9" (1.5 m) - This indicates how far down it hangs. There are many different types of cloaks available, so make sure to choose one that is made from high-quality materials and that will suit your needs and complement your clothing or Viking outfit. The basis for most Viking-era cloaks was colored and undyed homespun wool fabric of various types. Look no further than our cozy collection of Viking coats and kaftans, wool pants, tunics, hoods, and other accessories. You might want to dress up like a Viking Jarl, king, farmer, trader or a viking warrior. They are made in a basic rectangular shape like the originals and hand-stitched with linen thread. With short sleeves and embroidered symbols, both men and women looked extremely classy! For those of you still hung up on the horned Viking helmet - let us clear it up for you! Good news! Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. So the cloak can be worn open across the shoulders or, more usually, the left corner would be pulled across to the right shoulder tight to the chest and then pinned in place with a pin or brooch. Ideal for men and women, you can get a cape or cloak in full-length, shoulder-length, and everything in between. Our customer service is happy to help you! Cloaks could also be made from a single large piece of fabric that was then draped over the shoulders and fastened at the neck. Yes we offer a wide selection of male Viking garments from trousers, leg wraps, tunics, and cloaks, to belts and weapons! War belts, helmets and bracers are among some of our most popular items and can be seen on battlefields all over the world. A hood could be either made into the garment or the cloak could be pulled over the head. Made from quality natural leather and embellished with every technology at our disposal, we really hold nothing back when it comes to designing armor for this collection! $199.99. However, this article will bring together our knowledge of Viking clothing. And you dare not forget drinking horns, blowing horns, and cloaks! Pair those up with grey hued and woven leg wraps. Click Buy it now or Add to cart and proceed to checkout. The cold and harsh conditions mean that any clothing must keep them warm and protect them from severe weather during the colder months. Durable Viking Age cloak made from dense wool. Vintage Minnesota Vikings Sand Knit Authentic Pro Cut 70s 80s Jersey 40. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Handstitched Unisex med to lg. With live updates of your Viking parcel, the wait will be easy. Everything in our collection is made from quality materials, using the best of our craftspeople to make sure each and every item is perfect. Hand crafted in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The Vikings Brand is led by two passionate heathens from the Reykjavk, Iceland, with the aim of giving a new life to the ancient Norse culture and symbols, by introducing them in the digital, modern World. Instagram able aesthetics, no? A cloak is a piece of clothing that is worn over the shoulders and fastened at the neck. Use it for looks, for protection from the elements, or to sleep in. Fabric: Polyester. Something you shouldnt overlook when putting together your kit is armor. Top that with wool strap dress. Hooded Wool Cloak. Cloaks were often lined with fur or animal skin to provide even more warmth. They are generally fastened at the neck or over the shoulder and may come attached with a hood. Here is a selection of four-star and five-star reviews from customers who were delighted with the products they found in this category. Tue: 8am - 5pm. Cloaks in the Viking Age were also sometimes decorated with animal patterns such as wolves, bears, and eagles. VinnieVtg. Cloaks & Capes. We combine legendary clues with archeological evidence to bring you this guide to Viking costumes. Some of the popular viking cloak available on Etsy include: viking cloak men, viking cloak wool, viking cloak women, and even cloak. There are many different types of viking cloak sold by sellers on Etsy. The Vikings wore their cloaks over the shoulders and fastened at the neck, or often over the head like a hood to protect against the cold weather. (10% off), Sale Price $116.10 Wealthy nobles and royals favored luxurious textiles with gold and fur trim for their cloaks while the poorer folks used cheaper materials. So, if you are looking for the widest collection of Viking gear, supplies, kit and equipment, there isnt a better option for you. See individual listings for details. In our webshop you can also find accessories for your Viking costume, such as belts and bags. When making your own cloak, it is important to use high-quality materials so that your cloak will last for many years. OrderingReturn and Refund PolicyPrice Match PolicyFrequently Asked QuestionsRoyal Rewards ProgramPrivacy Policy, 1-877-637-9673Hours (CST): 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 8:30am-5pm Fri Contact Us Sitemap, 2023 Medieval Collectibles | All Rights Reserved. Some period cloaks had hoods attached while others did not. Durable Viking Age cloak made from dense wool. Clothing was a status symbol In the Viking era, there was a social hierarchical system. You can find cloaks made from wool, linen, fur, and even leather. Men's Viking cloak trimmed with fur was often given as a gift to show honor or respect. We have authentic historical Viking clothing and Viking clothing with fantasy elements for LARP. The higher your social status, the higher the quality of the clothing and the better the display effect. The environment that the Norse and Vikings lived in was cold, harsh and unforgiving. Grave evidence and contemporary depictions suggest that cloaks were pinned on the right shoulder, leaving the right arm free. We don't just offer Viking clothing, but many of the accessories which can complete your renfaire, re-enactor, or cosplay outfit. For long cloaks, buttons and loops might be used instead of fasteners, although brooches were much more preferred. See listing for more details. Does shopping on Etsy help support small businesses? Well, you get a chance to retouch your Scandinavian roots through Viking jewelry, Ekelund linens, Royal Copenhagen souvenirs, Viking clothing, home accessories, and what not! For example, our Norwegian winter boots have modern soles, which are perfect for improved traction and dramatically increase the lifespan of the boot compared to a wholly period-authentic boot. $56.05, $62.27 It could also be worn over the head like a hood to protect against the cold weather. (i.e. If you are wondering how to make a shield maiden costume or an authentic Viking warrior costume, and would simply like advice on putting your kit together, please feel free to reach out to us at chrissy@vikingwarriorshirts.org. It is usually a long, loose garment made from a warm, heavy fabric such as wool. Sale. Aided by modern-day quality controlsand meticulous sorting before shredding and weaving, it saves on the energyand water needed to produce non-recycled wool. We carry a line of cloaks, robes, mantles, and capes of many kinds. Most Norse Vikings wore a cloak of some sort. Complete your outfit with any of our historical style Viking hoods from our collection! Viking Warrior apparel, jewelry and accessories bringing unique pieces you wont find anywhere else, and our small but passionate team cares about every customer. The Viking Age spanned from 793 - 1066 CE and came after an era of great migration. Shipping policies vary, but many of our sellers offer free shipping when you purchase from them. We have Viking clothing for women, men and children. If you are starting to worry about how to beat the summer heat and stay cool, calm and happy during the hottest months, we have you covered there as well with breezy linen clothing making use of the best of Viking design and our creative technology. Long Sleeve (33) Sleeveless (8) Neck Style. You want the most popular pieces, right? . These 4 or 5-star reviews represent the opinions of the individuals who posted them and do not reflect the views of Etsy. The Viking Collection is truly one of our masterpieces and we believe that everyone will see something they love or something that inspires them. Original Price $141.68 Cloaks 1; Coats 1; Dresses / Aprons 1; Hats 1; Hoods 1; Leg Wraps 1; Pants 1; Reenactor 1; Shoes / Boots 1; Shoulder Bags 1; Tunics 1; $69.99. The Vikings used cloaks for both practical and ceremonial purposes. Viking hand-knitted chain, brass casting $299 Viking War Belt $354 Sale In stock Embossed Viking Belt Leather belt with molded brass clasp $84 $69 Gokstad Authentic Leather Belt Norman belt with casting, 9th c. $99 Gothland Viking Belt $89 Sale In stock Vikings' Bag "Wolf" Embossed leather medium belt bag $174 $149 Large Viking Shield We are happy to help and provide suggestions even if you aren't shopping with us. You can buy all your favourite brands in one place here! $149.95. Another key find is Viking trousers. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. It is her right to marry and divorce upon her whim, to follow her heart, to conquer the land, and to defend her honor from those who would insult her. Many of his clothes are considered bright and colorful. If you are buying one we would recommend buying your Viking cloak with hood. Because we have so many items available and so many different colors to choose from, there is a ton of creative freedom to create an outfit that doesnt quite look like any of the other viking costumes on the market and is unique to you but still within the theme. The most common pattern used was the Odin's Horn which was a symbol of power and strength. Talking about our best selling Viking Merch, how could you forget the Viking jewelry. Though Vikings are often referred to as a Scandinavian people, their intrepid nature took them all over the world, and Viking settlements can be found all over Europe, and even as far as North America! To spice things up, you enjoy no minimum order limits both in terms of amount and units. Although a wool Viking cloak was the most common, many cloaks were trimmed with fur to provide extra warmth. Vikings used a ton of different weapons, but most commonly they were seen using: And thats just to name a few! The cloak can be embroidered or trimmed with tablet woven braid for a wealthier look. We have tried to collect an assortment of items to mimic the traditional look of these garments. To be in Viking shoes, quite literally, you also need to get hold of these woolen and linen Viking wedding dresses. Viking clothing is also great to wear to medieval fairs and festivals. History of the Cloak Lets not forget some of our most well-known work: our fantasy Viking armor. The grip at the back of the shield gave it a fair amount of freedom, making it a very versatile, manoeuvrable offhand weapon, great for both shield walls and skirmishing. Original Price $98.00 The left side that hangs down can be thrown over the shoulder to free the left arm (as seen in the pictures). You know the best Viking Clothing store is one who has studied the ancient patterns like Bible. I called Viking at 888 208 1949 and talked with Robert who advised me to click on the top of the tab for placing the order. ", Valkyrie tippet, Celtic mantle, Druid cape, Renaissance faux fur cloak, Lagertha Viking, Fantasy, shoulder pelt, festival cosplay capelet, "This is now the most beautiful cloak I own, fantastic quality materials and brilliant colours. They also wore cropped cloaks of semicircle or trapezoid shape, which could be made of dyed fabrics, including two-color and striped. The question of whether or not there were female Viking warriors is a hotly debated one, so we have proposed a set of clothing heavily inspired by the tales of Valkyries and the actual existence of Viking women. Our global marketplace is a vibrant community of real people connecting over special goods. "Handmade": Information based on the seller's listing. The cloaks hung somewhere between the knee and the ankle. Whatever sort of Viking garb you're looking for, you can find it at Viking Warrior. We are incredibly proud of our amazing line of clothing for women, which has become a bestseller for us. Similarly, leather pouches and customized belts and buckles need to be embellished with genuine fittings to emit those Viking vibes. One thing is very clear you should not mess with her. FREE delivery Mon, Jan 23 . You will find everything a Viking woman would wear: sturdy linen dresses, jewelry, ornamental weapons, shoes, and shieldmaiden armor to keep you safe. With open air tasks like ship building and raiding, head wear must have been common in winters. We ship worldwide Many items shipped before 20:00 More than 30.000 items Lowest price guarantee Menu . Rabbit leather viking cloak for larp or cosplay. 24/7 customer service, free shipping available Kaftan Gustav, grey 67,55 In stock In stock. We have everything you need for a Viking costume for LARP, reenactment, Cosplay and festivals. Earn Dragon points when you spend. Would recommend if you're needing a cloak! Shieldmaidens are an inspiration to everyone around them: it is hard not to be inspired by their revered battle capabilities and their ability to be both a protector of their home and a goddess of battle. You might not think that Vikings care too much about fashion, but it is said to have a great influence. 20072023 Armstreet. In our opinion, the shield maiden concept lives on in each of us. The most common type of fur used was sheepskin because it was readily available and provided good insulation. Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. Viking Cloak - Women's Hooded Cotton Cloak $129.99 Bronze Replica Tranby Fibula Cloak Clasp $42.99 Urnes Style Disc Brooch Cloak Clasp Viking Brooch $39.99 Penannular Twisted Steel Viking Cloak Clasp $29.99 Viking Norse Shawl Cowl $49.99 New Sold Out Wool Viking Cloak With Metal Wolf's Clasp $83.95 Viking Belts New The most famous Viking cloak is the Bear Claw cloak which was made from the skin of a bear. E-mail & save your content to order later. I am 5"9 and pretty skinny so i got a medium, its perfect for my size. Opened the apckage and was surprised!..VERY well made cloak and great craftsmanship!..thank you!". . Some items are lined and trimmed with polyester fur to give it an authentic look. Please. Celtic WebMerchant is your shop for LARP, cosplay, reenactment and festivals. Literature and films seem to be inundated with everything from mythology to Viking weapons, with History Channels Vikings, Marvels Thor and other movies inspired by Norse Mythology, and Tolkien being just a few of the famous works that take great inspiration from this fantastic time period.

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