Assistant football coaches make $45,329 per year on average, or $21.79 per hour, in the United States. $55,079. eTpoaWRkZW4nIHdpZHRoPScwJz48L2lmcmFtZT4KPC9ub3NjcmlwdD4KCgo=, PGRpdiBjbGFzcz0ncmEtY29udGFpbmVyIGRpc3Ryb19hZCc+CjxkaXYgY2xh We cant keep paying this kind of money and coming away with 6-5 seasons, Your email address will not be published. The full list of 24 other head coaches salaries we reviewed is listed below:. In a previous ADU article, we summarized the doctrine of mitigation and provided an example of the University of Oregons well considered approach to using mitigation to limit its severance obligation in the context of its then current head football coach, Willie Taggart. Liberty's 5th year head coach had the highest compensation package of any other FCS coach we researched. Villanovas Andy Talley received a base salary of $304,642 with a total package of $341,096. If you are thinking of becoming an Assistant Football Coach or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of an Assistant Football Coach. ), the media attention focused on the team and phase performance and the recency of such performance. Cody Kempt helped mentor a collection of young receivers including Paige and Herbert during Kempts first season as a full-time position coach. However, the deal comes with escalators each year that raise the average annual . Your account has an invalid email address. Do all 25 coaches mentioned here have the same resumes? NDU4MDM5NTIiLAogICAgYzc6ICJodHRwczovL2phbWVzbWFkaXNvbi5yaXZh Maybe Covering an average of 15.3 coaches, nearly the same as FBS, that averages out to under $36,000 per Head Coach. In his final season at MSU, McEndoo made $53,087 in base salary. Overall Record: 43-12 What to Know: Klieman is well schooled in all facets of a North Dakota State system that produced five straight FCS titles from 2011-15 (he followed Craig Bohl's three with . The estimated total pay for a Assistant Football Coach is $52,190 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $48,135 per year. Simmons has led the Rattlers, and Prairie View A&M before that, for a combined 7 seasons and a 51-23 overall record. James Madison's Mike Houston had a starting salary of $300,000 in his first year this season. USA Today Sports named Louisiana State's Dave Aranda as the highest paid National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) assistant coach of 2019. The Spokesman Review In Samfords Pat Sullivans final season before Chris Hatcher took over, he had a base salary of $274,665 and a total package worth $438,196. And the point of the article is what? The Bobcat Hall of Famer will be the man calling the plays as the Bobcats transition to a 3-4 scheme that Ioane is patterning after Southern Cals defense. Assistant Football Coach See 3 salaries from all locations 68 open jobs $42,837 / yr $34K $54K Austin Peay State University 4.5 Assistant Football Coach See 3 salaries from all locations 79 open jobs $43,996 / yr $36K $53K Missouri Southern State University 3.5 Assistant Football Coach See 3 salaries from all locations 36 open jobs $44,273 / yr Of the more notable raises, defensive coordinator and the recipient of the 2017 FootballScoop FCS Coordinator of the Year Bob Trott received a pay raise from $140,000 to $165,000 . It follows then that, other factors being relatively equal, compensation for coordinators will vary depending upon their responsibilities relative to their head coaches specialty. He produced a string of All-Americas for five straight seasons: Dane Fletcher in 2009, Dan Ogden in 2010, Zach Minter in 2011, Caleb Schreibeis in 2012 and Brad Daly in 2013. We know you have many choices and appreciate you investing in us and the future of journalism. What is the pay outlook for Skilled Labor & Manufacturing? Montanas Bob Stitt had a base salary of $175,000 in 2015. While job opportunities are projected to grow, automation remains a risk to the long-term job outlook. Sources: That loss sparked a three-game losing streak as MSU missed the playoffs. Montgomery was the head coach at Miami (Ohio) from 2005 through 2008, spent last season at Charlotte and the eight before that at Youngstown State. Shane Montgomery . Phillips will make $112,000. A former Texas assistant coach under Mack Brown . With Mitch Griebel leading the way out of the slot, MSU hit opponents with a barrage of young, raw weapons on the outside that included Herbert, Paige, redshirt freshman Jayshawn Gates and flashes from oft-injured junior Tanner Roderick. Cal Polys Tim Walsh had a base salary of $205,200. Of course, Ferentz signed his new contract that extends him as the Hawkeyes' head football coach through the 2029 season and that's precisely what's happened for his assistants. The highest-paid coach in college football in 2020 is Alabama's Nick Saban, who $9.3 million, nearly $9 million more than the lowest-paid FCS head coach in Coastal Carolina's Jamey Chadwell ($318,966). Z3JlZW4gdmVyc2lvbiBvZiBjcy5qcyBzbyB3ZSBhbHdheXMgaGF2ZSB0aGUg Each year the USA TODAY compiles the salaries of current NCAA FBS football coaches and the 2021 edition came out this week. St. Thomas left Division III after its expulsion from the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, announced in 2019, took effect and joined the Pioneer Football League after successfully receiving a waiver for a direct move to Division I in 2020. Please update it here. Coach Riley, an offensive prodigy, was supported by defensive coordinator (and former head coach) Mike Stoops, who earned an annual salary of $920,000. He can allot the camp funds however he pleases. Assistant Track And Field Coach gets paid the most. Montgomery, like Hetherman, is on a two-year contract and thatll pay him $140,000 per year. dCc6CiAgICAgICAgbmV3IERhdGUoKS5nZXRUaW1lKCksZXZlbnQ6J2d0bS5q Anthony Knight, a former Nevada transfer that has since been dismissed from the team, rushed for 496 yards and a team-high 12 touchdowns. There are a host of factors that contribute to an assistant college football coachs compensation: relevant, productive experience (e.g., college, professional, and level of each FCS vs. FBS, Group of Five vs. Chattanoogas Russ Huesman had a base salary of $150,000. Assistant Track And Field Coach made a median salary of $45,352. by SDHornet Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:48 am, Return to Championship Subdivision Football - FCS, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Football Championship Subdivision discussions. Over the last four years, 2009-2012, the average institutional expenditure for all coaches, in all sports in the FBS, is just over $4.5 million. Owens will make $35,000 his first year as a college coach. The average FCS institution spends approximately 15.3% of its total head-coaching budget on the Head Football Coach, with a high of 52.8% and a low of 5.6%. Hes also made stops at Wisconsin, Colorado, Idaho, Winona State, Ball State, Hampton and Western Illinois before moving to Minnesota State. I am not an economist, but generally, more is better than less. It is important to consider that there are five private schools in the ACC as well as the University of Pittsburgh, each of which claim an exception to open records laws. The best-paid 10 percent make $57,000, while the lowest-paid 10 percent make $35,000. Here is the summary of coaches listed in an article: Georgia Southern; Chris Hatcher - $200,000. All the assistants have the same incentives in their contracts. If you remove Gills numbers, the average drops to $240,503.96. dy5fZGlkQXN5bmNJbmplY3RHb29nbGVUYWdNYW5hZ2VyID0gdHJ1ZTsKICAg October 15, 2021 4:19 pm ET. Required fields are marked *. * Various Tax Documents Universities may fall into the trap of overestimating and overpaying coaches because they have (a) not identified equivalent or better alternatives in terms of talent, performance and fit; and (b) succumbed to pressure from a largely uninformed, albeit mostly well-intentioned, media and fan/donor base. The average institutional expenditure for all coaches in all sports in the FCS and non-Football is just under $550,000. fcs college football Salaries $77,976 avg per year The average salary for fcs college football jobsis $77,976. Lets pay it forward! Dont know what the incentives are. With FBS Football coach salaries skyrocketing in the last few years, and a reported contract extension from Alabama that will pay $7 million per year to Nick Saban, its helpful to remember that these coaching salaries are the exception, not the norm. Brekke led the Big Sky by averaging 27.1 yards per return, including a 74-yarder to set up the game-winning touchdown in a 59-56 win over Sacramento State. The average salary for an Assistant Football Coach is $45,000 per year, or $22 per hour in United States. %# Charleston Southerns Jamey Chadwell received a base salary of $120,542 and total package worth $139,670. Bell High outside of his native Dallas. This circumstance may be what the parties intended but few universities enjoy UTs abundant resources. Of the institutions studied, just 23.6% of FCS institutions used outside funds for the head coach salaries, and 15.2% of non-Football institutions did so. The average compensation package for the above listed FCS head coaches is $260,888.44. David Shaw salary: $8.925 million 8. $ The Post and Courier. Newell rushed for 487 yards and eight touchdowns, including tying s school record with five in MSUs 47-40 loss to South Dakota State in the playoffs. Deion Sanders is taking over HBCU program Jackson State . Fitz is the #14 highest paid head coach in college football based on that tax return info at $5.218 million annually. Jamey Chadwell - $319,866 Get a yearly subscription for $99.95/year or $9.95/month. The average ACC head coach earns $2.7 million. Villanova's Andy Talley received a base salary of $304,642 with a total package of $341,096. Of course Head Coaches (football, basketball) in the money sports make significantly more than that, so it stands to reason that the average head coach makes significantly less than that $275,000. This season, Newell and Brekke will see more elevated roles, Dodd will try to slide into the big-play role left by Johnson and Nick LaSane and Noah James have a chance to earn carries in short-yardage situations. Marshall will be Montana States primary safeties coach and its co-defensive coordinator. North earned $34,008 last fall. Lee Perkins chipped in six catches for 72 yards and a touchdown. Ash promoted Michael Rider and brought in Jody Owens to coach linebackers. According to our most recent salary estimates, Poly Prep Country Day School and UMiami Health System are the highest paying companies for assistant football coaches. James Madison; Mickey Matthews - $178,000. McEndoo was arguably one of the best assistant coaches in the league and he had his 2012 AFCA National Assistant of the Year award to prove it. Illinois States Brock Spack had a base salary of $300,000. WINAD is a subscription database service for college athletics leaders to increase revenue & save money. The former New Hampshire and Miami International OC will put his full offensive arsenal on display again this fall with a unit that looks locked and loaded. Navigate is a data-driven consulting firm guiding major decisions and deals in sports and entertainment. by BlackFalkin Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:15 pm, Post So about $100k per win in a typical Sears season. The Cats surrendered almost 300 passing yards a game, one of the three worst totals in the country. In recent years, the only former assistants under ex-coach Mike Houston on multi-year deals were his defensive coordinator Bob Trott and offensive coordinator Donnie Kirkpatrick. Assistants must be given 60 days notice if they are not going to be renewed. If you're in an entry-level position, your best bet is to move to New York, NY where the average starting salary is $37,000. LmpzcmRuLmNvbS9zL2NzLmpzP3A9MjI1NDYnIHR5cGU9J3RleHQvamF2YXNj You know if you are being paid fairly as an Assistant Football Coach if your pay is close to the average pay for the state you live in. And he coached seven All-America linemen, a pair of whom went to the of NFL (Mike Person, Jeff Hansen). Mike Locksley: $265,500. *# Mel Tucker: $266,000. Intangible factors are also critically important. Marshalls defenses produced a slew of All-Big Sky players and a pair of Buck Buchanan Award winners in Brad Daly and Caleb Schreibeis. When Ash was first hired in 2007, he had a clause written into his contract to be able to give bonuses and incentives to his staff. Our software is like the gears of a machine we help athletes, coaches and staff at more than 3,000 teams around the world operate effectively and efficiently. Prukop returns behind a veteran offensive line, a stable of four running backs and a wide receiving corps that could be 10-deep. His reported salary was $2,500,000. Daniel DaPrato is entering his second season at MSU as the director of MSUs special teams along with his duties coaching tight ends. Z3RtX2F1dGg9JysnS2hINmhlQ3BvV0pVSG5xVnpkRWE3dycrCiAgICAgICAg How much does an Assistant Football Coach in United States make? Montana State football Bobcat legend Bill Kollar inducted into CFB Hall of Fame, Around Big Sky Basketball Corcoran, Sprinkle, DeCuire, Binvord, Duft, Sobolewski, Report: Montana State offensive line coach Armstrong heading to Fresno State, Lady Griz still searching for balance after earning 2nd Big Sky split, Illinois States Vandenburgh wins Stats Perform Buck Buchanan Award, UIW QB Scott Jr. wins Payton Award as FCS Offensive Player of the Year, Lady Griz post-game- UM rebounds from NAU loss to drill Northern Colorado, Montana State blows past NAU to complete Big Sky road sweep, Northern Arizona completes Treasure State sweep with road win in Bozeman, NAU defeats Lady Griz in Missoula for first time since 2007. TCU coach Gary Patterson is next ($1.642 million), followed by Boise State coach Chris . Ryan Day: $236,877. Gates averaged 29.4 yards per catch and scored two touchdowns of more than 45 yards. Was reported over a year ago when JMUs hired Curt Cignetti was for 6 years/425k base a year. In a 54-29 loss at Eastern Washington in 2013, the Bobcats did not record a stop, instead letting EWU score on all eight of its possessions. Here are the five companies hiring the most now: Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average. South Dakota States John Stiegelmeier had a base salary of $190,000. JMU Athletics increased its assistant football coach salary pool from $118,500 to $971,000 for the upcoming season, according to a report by the Daily News-Record. For example, if you live in District of Columbia you should be paid close to $57,354 per year. Montana State also lost longtime offensive line coach Jason McEndoo in the off-season to Oklahoma State. Coach Williams received a $50,000 raise in 2017 even though USF saved at least $100,000 by hiring him (Coach Williams USF compensation increases to $250,000 at the time UTs on-going obligation expires). VE0tTUY2UFhYQycpOwo8L3NjcmlwdD4KPG5vc2NyaXB0Pgo8aWZyYW1lIGhl Ash, MSUs ninth-year head football coach, has 10 full-time coaches on his staff. The highest salary for an Assistant Football Coach in United States is $71,480 per year. Atop the list you'll be anything but surprised to find Nick Saban who is set to earn $9.753 million in 2021. In 2013, he helped Beck with the defensive line. # 1 Salaries submitted. The numbers below represent head coach salaries in real-time. Owens is best remembered as a fearsome Bobcat linebacker. So, in the case of Coach Williams, he actually received a pay raise after getting fired from UT and landing at USF while USF saved a tidy sum during the period for which UT is obligated to pay him. Wrestling has a long history of being inclusive and accessible, racially and by body type. PHNjcmlwdD4KICAoZnVuY3Rpb24odyxkLHMsbCxpKXsKICAgICAgICBpZiAo b21TY29yZSBUYWcgLS0+CgoK, Enjoying DukesofJMU? Win AD is a subscription database service for college athletics leaders to increase revenue & save money. While each party Coach Williams, USF and UT benefitted by Coach Williams post-UT employment, UTs relatively generous mitigation calculation is in stark contrast to the recent trend in mitigation provisions. But Sam Houston State got $10.6 million in subsidies (student fees, funds kicked in by the school) while McNeese only got $5.1 million. The head coach at FCS Montana State for . The Glassdoor community relies on people like you to share accurate salary info to promote fair compensation everywhere. *. Here are the top 5 discrepancies and balanced schools over the last four years in each group: Specifically, the average FCS institution spends approximately 15.3% of its total head-coaching budget on the Head Football Coach, with a high of 52.8% and a low of 5.6%. % The top storytelling brands in college sports use the INFLCR platform to store, track and deliver their creative staff's internally-curated content to their student-athletes and other brand ambassadors for sharing on social media. The NCAA mens and womens basketball tournaments should expand to 96 teams. College Football Assistant Coach Salaries - USA TODAY College Football Assistant Coach Salaries Updated 11:51 am ET Dec 17, 2020 Top NCAAF Coach Pay Steve Sarkisian Alabama Total:. CiAgICB2YXIgcyA9IGRvY3VtZW50LmNyZWF0ZUVsZW1lbnQoInNjcmlwdCIp Assistant Football Coach Related Salaries, Find an Assistant Football Coach Job Near Me, To create our salary estimates, Zippia starts with data published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC). The highest paying states for assistant football coaches include New York, Hawaii and New Jersey. Brekke rushed for 424 yards and four touchdowns and also caught 21 passes for 204 yards and two scores. Assistant football coaches on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $29,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $69,000. The rest of the staff's salaries vary: Cain ($84,000), Merritt ($65,000), Shanahan ($62,000), Jackson ($65,000), Haines ($90,000), Smith ($65,000), Birkett ($70,000) and Ferguson ($50,000). Teamworks is the leading athlete engagement platform, built by athletes, for athletes. JyZndG1fcHJldmlldz0nKydlbnYtMScrJyZndG1fY29va2llc193aW49eCc7 AlphaOmega Captcha Classica Enter Security Code, Big South Football Power Rankings Week 11. Fickell will earn a $7.5 million salary in 2023, one of the largest head-coaching salaries in college football. This article is primarily a graphic summary of significant economic data points and trends from the Sample Set coupled with a few observations regarding annual compensation, bonuses and mitigation provisions. Johnson, a 2014 All-America, averaged 8.2 yards per punt return and 19.5 yards per kick return despite battling injuries. # 13.9% of FCS used outside funds for assistant coach salaries, while 13.0% of non-Football institutions did so. bjsKICAgICAgICB3W2xdPXdbbF18fFtdO3dbbF0ucHVzaCh7J2d0bS5zdGFy document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Created by CaroneDesigns With the recent release of the NCAAs Division I Transformation Committees report, the idea of, The AthleticDirectorU Athletic Department Power Index, powered by GamePlan, continues with a look at the Colonial Athletic Association. There are 11 assistant coaches (including 3 coaching in the CFP National Championship Game) whose bonus potential may subject their university to the excise tax [see:How The New Excise Tax Impacts Coach Compensation], Head Coach Compensation Relative to Assistant Salary Pool. The highest paid assistant on staff is now offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey. More of A Great Thing: Expansion To 96 Teams In The NCAA Basketball Tournament, Athletic Department Power Index: Colonial Athletic Association, The Growth Trends In Womens Intercollegiate Wrestling, ROBERT LATTINVILLE & ROGER DENNY - SPENCER FANE, LLP, Eliminate the barrage of articles and time-consuming searches, Efficient D1 athletics news in a daily email. LCBlbCA9IGRvY3VtZW50LmdldEVsZW1lbnRzQnlUYWdOYW1lKCJzY3JpcHQi # d2luZG93Ll9kaWRBc3luY0luamVjdEdvb2dsZVRhZ01hbmFnZXIpIHJldHVy bHMuY29tL25ld3Mvam11LXMtYXNzaXN0YW50LWNvYWNoZXMtc2FsYXJ5LXBv Overall, total spending on salaries are on the rise over the last four years, up nearly $320,000 in the F and nearly $190,000 for non-Football institutions. $6.130 million. Our study of this issue reflects a general trend that defensive coordinators who work under an offensive specialist typically earn more than offensive coaches that work under a defensive specialist. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Assistant Coach Pool Spend (from the NCAA financials) over a five-year trend line is easily accessible by sport in the Athletic Department overview database and can also be benchmarked against peer and institutions. Jon is a Liberty Alum (2006 & 2009), originally from the Richmond, VA area. Ash also is the sole owner of MSUs summer football camps. The Bobcats scored a Division I all-time high 77 points against UC Davis and set a program record with 737 yards in the same game. ICAgIGo9ZC5jcmVhdGVFbGVtZW50KHMpLGRsPWwhPSdkYXRhTGF5ZXInPycm Administrative Assistant. As a redshirt freshman, Daly notched 38 touchbacks on kickoffs and drilled 13-of-19 field goals to help him score 90 points. The vast majority of institutions (76% of them) spend between 10-25% of their head-coaching budget on the Head Football Coach. [1] As of the upcoming 2022 season, Division I FCS is composed of 15 conferences: the ASUN Conference, Big Sky Conference, Big South Conference, Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), Ivy League, Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC), Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC), Northeast Conference (NEC), Ohio Valley Conference (OVC), Patriot League, Pioneer Football League, Southern Conference (Southern, or SoCon), Southland Conference, Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), and Western Athletic Conference (WAC). Salaries posted anonymously by FCS employees. It's time to look at FCS HBCU football coaches with professional football experience and how they performed on the field in the 2022 season. Hetherman, who joined the Dukes after four seasons at Maine including the last three in the same capacity, is on a two-year contract and is JMUs highest-paid assistant. The difference between the highest-paid MSU assistant and the lowest-paid full-time coach is $55,000, down from $59,694.44 last fiscal year. Does a coachs background and experience and a schools future goals for the Football program make a difference in his contract when he is hired? Gary Patterson. Rider saw a significant jump to $36,184, up from $31,634 last season. Autonomy Five, CFL vs. NFL), history of performance (with an emphasis on recency), scope and uniqueness of skill set (e.g., recruiting prowess and teaching ability), position or title, market interest/leverage, etc. Somehow I doubt this same article would be posted if Liberty Football were undefeated. Eastern Washingtons Beau Baldwin received a package worth $212,717. Y3gvdnptL2NzLmpzIjsKICAgIGVsLnBhcmVudE5vZGUuaW5zZXJ0QmVmb3Jl The class MSU signed two years ago includes a slew of players expected to contribute next season, including defensive end Tyrone Faanono, middle linebacker Grant Collins, wide receivers Justin Paige and Mitchell Herbert, cornerback Bryce Alley, running back Tavon Dodd, safety DeMonte King and defensive tackle Tucker Yates. That means that over half of the schools we studied had at least one season out of three where their total coaches salaries went up or down by more than 10%. Editors Note: This is the second installment in a four-part series breaking down the contracts for the coaches of the revenue sports at Montana State University. Montana; Bobby Hauck - $124,000 (offer on the table, up from $100,000xidiotx ) Does anyone know the Head Coaching salaries at . Hugh Freeze gives update following Thursdays practice. The lowest salary for an Assistant Football Coach in United States is $32,414 per year. Another 40.2% had three straight years of less than 10% change. Your input helps Glassdoor refine our pay estimates over time. This weight towards head coaches in the non-football group is most likely because those institutions employee fewer assistant coaches than institutions in the FCS group, where there are more assistants to balance out the head coaches salaries. At Maine, Hetherman helped the Black Bears reach the FCS national semifinals this past season as they led the country in rushing defense and were tied for second in total sacks. Statistical analysis alone, however, should be supplemented with reasonable, fact-based deductions that better paint the complete picture of a coachs ability to recruit and develop student-athletes. Since the A Sea Of Red blog isnt easily confused with Consumer Reports, I think the writer needs to be more transparent about his purpose for writing and what conclusions he hopes his readers will draw. In the 2021 season, all schools including St. Thomas (MN) are members of one of these conferences. Those figures . #% Each MSU assistants base salary comes from the athletic departments football budget and is paid with state funds. cyd9KTt2YXIgZj1kLmdldEVsZW1lbnRzQnlUYWdOYW1lKHMpWzBdLAogICAg Division II is composed of 16 conferences: Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), Great American Conference (GAC), Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC), Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC), Great Midwest Athletic Conference (GMAC), Great . One school and coach that normally doesn't appear on the annual rundown, but made an appearance this year based on the most recent tax returns from 2018 is Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald. The Win AD Coaches database provides salary information on over 29,000 coaches in DI and DII, including .pdf contracts. For each of the first three rounds (first, second, quarterfinals) of the FCS playoffs that JMU gets to, the assistants will earn one-quarter months salary.

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