I love every aspect of the game and can help you learn and improve this game that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. In the U.S., the main certification is the PSAI-AASI certification. Ansel Adams was my idol - that left me with piles of B&W negatives. Your guide to snowboard instructor courses. Getting qualified as a ski or snowboard instructor can take anything from a week to a whole season. Snowboard Instructor Courses Long Courses Level 2 Snowboard Training in Canada Duration 5 weeks Start Date 12/02/2023 End Date 22/03/2023 Flights included No Price 4,750 Deposit 450 Course Details Snowboard Instructor Courses in Canada - Big White Duration 11 weeks Start Date 11/01/2024 End Date 27/03/2024 Flights included Yes Price 9,250 Registration & Change/Cancellation Policies. EA Ski and Snowboard Training have created instructor courses which set your career up as a snow sports instructor all in one winter season! I teach at Teravista or Avery Ranch Golf Clubs, whichever is most convenient for you. This is a dream job for many riders because it lets you get on the mountain every day and almost always comes with a free pass as a perk. Start planning your winter gap year or new career today by downloading your guide to becoming an instructor in the USA here. * PERFECT FOR YOU: We train ANYONE of any experience level. You should be able to ride in control. We are thrilled to work with Northstar, which is one of the leading resorts in the USA and part of the Vail Resorts family. SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTOR COURSES - BEYOND THE ADVANCED LEVEL. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. Given that you're aiming toward a certain standard of snowboarding, instructor courses are a great way to improve your technique. You should be confident and comfortable both communicating and demonstrating in front of a group. Go to the resorts website to find an application and fill it out. These courses are the ultimate way to kick-start your career as an instructor, or just sample the seasonaire lifestyle in the best way possible! Alpine Ski Instructors Course CSIA 1-800-811-6428 snowpro.com Whistler Blackcomb is the world's #1 destination resort to host ski or snowboard instructor training programs. Train as a Snowboard Instructor. Join us and turn your passion into a profession. Join the first 5 weeks of our legendary 11 week program and achieve your CASI Level 1 snowboard instructor qualification. Become an Instructor, Coach, Athlete, and Friend. Wednesday Monday: Closed. Thanks! Supervision of groups and individuals during skiing and snowboarding recreation, progression training, and basic teaching. Power through pow, clock up vertical and develop into a true all-mountain rider. Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows) was home to the 1960 Winter Olympics. Woodward Park - a network of featured terrain zones for all ability levels on Ski Copper. Step 1: Learn The Basics An obvious initial step towards becoming a snowboard instructor is learning how to snowboard. Its a rewarding pursuit in many ways, but as with any job, there are pros and cons. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way. I didn't just want to become a personal trainer, but a well educated oneso I went back to school to study for my Bachelor's in Exercise Science and now I work as a trainer specializing in women's strength training and, I have a diverse background in fitness and education and I played baseball collegiately. The Evaluators are there to teach you how to teach so youll be able to go out and give a great first lesson to new snowboarders. I'm here to make you BETTER whatever you want theyve got it covered and they treat you like a GOD. You should take this course if you love to snowboard, and have a desire to introduce new students to snowboarding. The ability to change the size of your turns from large to medium to smaller. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. The profession isnt for everyone, however. So if you think about it, you may as well do a snowboard instructor course. 11 Weeks - Big White. Or have you simply got a thirst for more professional coaching? Every year the US sees a huge demand for instructors due to a large amount of international and domestic winter tourists. Keep a consistent speed regardless of terrain, pitch and snow conditions (on intermediate terrain - blue runs). Anyways considering we aren't certified yet the prices are cheap compared to others and we would love for you to help us pay for college! What if I told you it was not only possible, but you could even get paid for it? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); thank you so much for this. I have a lot of experience teaching people skateboarding tricks. The CASI level 1 snowboard instructor course is a 'fast track' into the industry. We really get the busy schedules and lives of professionals and entrpreneurs, and those of us may not always have the time or even feel comfortable getting to a gym or just simply dont know what to do! One of our most popular snowboard instructor courses! Love what I do Becoming a snowboard instructor can be a very rewarding experience. It's a rewarding pursuit in many ways, but as with any job, there are pros and cons. Venture to a new land, prepare yourself for an amazing snowboard instructor job, and meet new people along the way. Once you sit and pass your level one exam you can start working as a paid instructor at either Northstar or Palisades Resort for the remainder of the winter season! Kick start a dream career as a global instructor, or take your skills to a new level on a gap year or career break alongside a load of like-minded people. The academy is owned and managed by a very well educated, experienced Mixed Martial Artist, and Strength and Conditioning coach. Click Here to access the Level 1 E-Prep workshop. Let's look at them below. Listen to five of the most popular First Chair Podcasts from 2022. Train hard, play harder- ALL the time Check out our videos and photos on our gallery and on our Facebook page to glimpse what you could be doing this season. I love to work with all levels but particularly like beginners as they usually show the most improvement. BASI 1 & 2 Snowboard Instructor Course 11 Weeks - Three Valleys. America offers terrain for everyone which naturally makes for a great place to do a ski or snowboard season. Ski Team Star Mikaela Shiffrin tied Lindsey Vonns record of 82 World Cup victories, both now sharing the title of the most World Cup wins by a woman alpine ski racer. Youll not only pick up an incredible new skill, but youll also have the time of your life. If you have your certifications and show a good attitude, theres a strong chance you will get the job and be able to start teaching other snowboarders right away. For a snowboard instructor course, look for mid to stiff boots (relative to your height and weight). Queenstown and Wanaka New Zealand We offer 10 week programs that will take you through your BASI level one and two exams. Besides the delicious fat fluffy pancakes, unlimited Starbucks locations and super friendly people, the US has over 431 world-class mountains to enjoy! Established: 2003, Snowboard Instructor Courses in Canada Big White, Snowboard Instructor Course in Banff, Canada, BASI Snowboard Instructor Courses in France, BASI Snowboard Instructor Training in France. Snowboard Instructor Courses Its a great job, and Im sure youll love it. NZSIA & SBINZ internationally-recognised ski & snowboard instructor courses; Level 1, 2 & 3 World-class coaches & trainers focused on your training goals A bunch of benefits with your Cardrona Treble Cone Card: lift line priority, on & off-mountain discounts, on-mountain equipment storage & lesson shadowing experience Snowboarding is more than a sport, it is a life choice; people give up careers to be able to live in the mountains and to shred the hill every day. The people you are teaching might not have the same love of the sport as you do, but its part of your job to try and help them learn. Become a Snowboard Instructor: CASI 1 & 2. 20,000 sqft indoor training facility: skateparks, trampolines, foam pits, indoor ski & snowboard training. $15.60 - $22.50 Full-time, Part-time Wilmington, VT 05363 Urgently Hiring Apply Now Also note that a lot of ski and snowboard resorts are run by big corporations. Katrina Brinkerhoff2023-01-10T13:35:40-07:00January 10, 2023|. When you book your instructor training course with Snow Trainers, you know youre working towards instructor qualifications with the best trainers in the world. I am a 2021 graduate of the University of Birmingham (UoB) in Geology and Physical Geography. All common reasons for snowboarders to join these courses. It's about Love , Support and Hard Work to get you , TO THE TOP ! Just because you want to become a snowboard instructor does not mean youre guaranteed a job. Gone are the days where you think you have to get worse before you get better, with me every lesson I will have you improving in what will feel easy and comfortable for you. I knew that way I can be more energized and feel like my old self again. Remember, this is a course that teaches you how to become an instructor therefore only half of your overall mark is for your riding skills. Awesome deals on equipment! Our snowboard packages are ideal for gap year, career gap, southern hemisphere winter adventures, or even northern hemisphere "summer" holidays. Ski and snowboard instructor courses take place all over the globe, in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Check out the other courses available on our website and as a member you can register on-line for a Level 2 Instructor course or Park Instructor 1 course. Register now for the Womens Virtual Summit 2023. Indeed our company is entirely owned and run by professional, qualified, snowboard instructors. It is a lot different than riding on your own when you can do whatever you want on the mountain. Most of the time you will need to get a certification. see more, I was looking for a fast-track. Join us and turn your passion into a profession. I feel my service is different than most other coaches because I really put an emphasis on having fun. Youll havethe time of your life and go home with some unforgettable memories and life-long friendships. You keep learning and getting better. If it is riding, youll attend Day 1, and if it is teaching, Day 2. We train hard and well but we dont take ourselves too seriously. Our phones and email are answered 8:00-5:00 M-F by our Denver-based team. cant believe how sick they turned out!! Become a Snowboard Instructor The ALLTRACKS snowboard instructor courses in Whistler, Canada & Verbier, Switzerland offer instructor qualifications whilst improving your own skill set. The more levels of certification you get, the more advanced skills you will have, and the easier it will be to get hired. Have the ability to demonstrate at a very slow speed, basic snowboarding maneuvers such as side slipping & pendulum without losing your balance. That is a pretty low wage by anyones standards, and when you take into account how much it costs to live in a resort town, you might just be scraping by. Register now for Adaptive Academy 2023 in Big Sky, Montana. a passion for the outdoors while building lifelong connections with teammates and guests from around the world. KIA Snowcup Rail Jam WON by Sunshine World Pro Team Member, Mikey McKernan in Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland. Reckon there are many that have regretted this life choice?!! Ski and Snowboard School - Snowboard Instructor (Certified Level II/III) - Winter Seasonal 22-23 - Now Hiring Today Est. I began teaching at the local YMCA to beginners. Live like a local and ride all the secret spots while progressing your snowboarding to a higher level. The core is the foundation of your Stance on your snowboard. see more, It's been a blast so far, I've met a lot of cool people. Ski or Snowboarding experience is necessary but full training is provided. On successful completion* of the 10-day Rookie Instructor Training Programme in either Queenstown or Canterbury, you will be offered the opportunity to interview for . 5.0 1 Review. Fill in the form below to see if you qualify for a course with us. If you see that the resort you want to work at is not hiring, you obviously dont want to apply. Our industry-leading snowboard instructor trainingcourses are designed to help you become a qualified snowboard instructor! An instructor internship in the USA provides you with intensive training to prepare you for your level 1 certification. When it comes to an activity that I thoroughly enjoy or want to learn, it doesn't become a, "hobby" it becomes an obsession. You'll be challenged, we'll set goals, and you'll become a better photographer. Where to train as a snowboard instructor? Get matched with multiple teachers that meet your exact needs. 2019/ 2020 SEASON SPACES AVAILABLE NOW! Whos joining us? The most popular destinations tend to be in Canada, Europe and New Zealand. Try to find the head of the snowboard school and send them an email or call them on the phone. I also teach Swim lessons & Aquatic classes. Our primary focus at Snow Trainers is professional ski and snowboard instructor training, but life is also about the people you meet, the places you see, and all the wonderful experiences along the way. Click the checkbox next to the jobs that you are interested in. Gain your CASI Level 1 cert so you can share your passion with others in the future or use the skills and knowledge gained to continue your own development as a snowboarder. With ICE you can attend all official BASI courses including a range of ski instructor courses, BASI Level 1 Ski Instructor Training, BASI Level 2 Ski Instructor courses and Masterclass performance courses. I attended university as a scholar, being one of only 2 people across the UK to be awarded a Royal Marines Young Officer bursary, after a challenging physical and mental selection process, which I was awarded at the age of 18. In most locations, youll need to be at least 18 to become a snowboarding instructor. Established in 2002, our snowboard instructor courses take place across resorts in Canada, France and New Zealand and are an amazing way to spend a winter. How Much Will You Make as a Snowboard Instructor? A roundup of where a course could take you, Discover what makes our courses award-winning, Youre bound to have questions, so either give us a call on, We hope to be in touch shortly or you could always give us a call on. If you want to be pushed, well push you. ill be back thats for sure! Everyone who has a passion for the sport should at least try this out for a season! Become an instructor in the UK. What could be better than living on a snowy mountain, breathing the freshest air, hanging out with your buddies and spending your days teaching people to snowboard, passing on the love that you have built up over years?! You need to be good in order to share your skills with others and properly teach them how to ride. Samples have a, SNOWBOARDERS ASSEMBLE! Whether its your first time seeing snow on the slopes, joining our team means discovering (or re-discovering!) Let the snow fly! Thank you for your interest, from the information you have submitted you DO qualify for one of our courses. Heli Guide Courses If youve failed both the riding and teaching components, youll have to take the full course over again. That means they can have some oddly strict rules for your personal appearance or other requirements that dont always mesh with the snowboarding lifestyle. An obvious initial step towards becoming a snowboard instructor is learning how to snowboard. on Select Volkswagen Models. Offered ten times this season! Get hired Your job is personal Tell us more about your goals and we'll match you with the right jobs to help you reach them. Level 1 & Level 2 exams are scheduled into the twelve-week courseall you need to do is pass the tough exams and log 70 hours of Snowboard School experience - then you'll be all set for a life working as a snowboard instructor! You need to be good in order to share your skills with others and properly teach them how to ride. In the week i have been here they have already shown me how it is! The successful candidate will also demonstrate the ability to recognize movement patterns in riders who are learning and riding all terrain, up to and including groomed black terrain and small freestyle features. 7 Terrain Parks including Burton Progression Park and one of the only Burton Stash Parks in the World! 4 Montpelier Street You also usually get higher pay if you have advanced certifications. Im happy to hear this article helped you out, and good luck with becoming an instructor! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. I have been skateboarding for 20 years now so I have a lot of experience. Snowboard boots are designed for different riding styles such as all mountain, park, carving. Athlete, and Friend. Since 2003, SnowSkool has been running snowboard instructor courses in Banff & Big White in Canada, Three Valleys in France & Cardrona in New Zealand and we have set more than 1200 people on the path to becoming a snowboard instructor. I have competed in state championships for hockey, baseball and football and even went on to compete at the NCAA Level for baseball and hockey. Ive been studying and traveling, both in the US and internationally, to learn different cultural perspectives on Holistic Health, for the last 20 years. Ski Instructor Courses 18 Week Level 1, 2 & 3 CASI Snowboard Instructor Course Venue Canada - Sun Peaks Price From 11750 3-5 Week CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor Course-with interviews. If you do not have access to the internet, or wish to have further information, you may contact the Level 1 Regional Coordinator directly in your region. Ill start by saying this youre not going to get rich as a snowboard instructor. Lets look at them below. See jobs Skip the paperwork With 40+ resorts across 3 continents, you can join our team for a season or stay to build a career. All Rights Reserved, Creating lifelong adventures through education. Our ski instructor courses are available at Northstar and Palisades Resorts in Lake Tahoe. Our course is designed to take your riding to that next level and transform you into a world class Snowboard Instructor. Snowboard Courses Instructor Training Centre offers a variety of snowboard instructor courses depending on the SBINZ qualifications you want to achieve this winter! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Join a snowsports school with a guaranteed job offer to work for the winter season More Info Internship Pro Train, Qualify and Work Train for a full season to develop your skiing or riding. Most snowsports schools offer increased pay and standing to certified instructors, with the benefits generally increasing at higher levels of certification. Advanced level skills are a critical aspect of the job. SITCo is Queenstown's original ski and snowboard instructor training company. What are the specific riding skills required? Our Snowboard Instructor training courses have been carefully designed by our own experienced fully qualified (with EAPSI, CSIA, CASI, BASI and more), International Instructors. In order to help you achieve success on the course, we suggest you take the following steps in preparation, if they are available to you: Course $457.93 / Retest $138.40*10% late fee added if registered after the deadline date. - Vivid Snowboarding Verbier Vivid Snowboarding is the leading provider in snowboard instructor training courses. Whether you are just looking to dive deeper into your practice or heal old Trauma, we can bring you to a happier, healthier you! CSIA Level 1 NothinButSnow Snow Skool EA Ski & Snowboard Snowminds Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 1 Instructor Courses If you are a strong parallel skier, become a pro or learn to ski and teach like one! Ski Instructor courses Part of the proceeds from every neck gaiter sold will be gifted to the Nancy Oakes Hall Women's Scholarship. If there was a way to wake up, strap in, and hit the mountain every day, would you be interested? Unsure which course suits you? If any one needs skateboarding or snowboarding lessons don't hesitate to contact me. Our instructor trainingcaters toall levels and our expert instructors pay personal attention, so every individual excels in their training. No matter how long youve been riding or how good you are, once youve found the stoke, theres no turning back. Bloody amazing time, only wish i could extend it somehow! We offer the very best course and programs on the market. The teaching portion makes up half of your mark. So, if youre curious about what it takes to get the job, follow the steps above and let us know how it goes. Works well independently and with others. My name is Lorraine, Im a snowboarding instructor certified by the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors. Our 10-week snowboard instructor course in the heart of the French Alps will equip you with your BASI Level 1 + 2, push your level on snow, and serve up adventure you wont forget in a hurry. Teaching basketball skills to help develop players to reach thier basketball playing goals . Tuesday: 11:00 am 2:00 pm A fast track to gaining your CASI Level 1 snowbaord instructor qualification, suited to relatively confident riders. EA Ski & Snowboard Training offer snowboard instructor jobs at Northstar ski resort in Lake Tahoe. Training groups are kept to an absolute max of 8. $13.66 - $24.46 Full-time, Part-time Wilmington, VT 05363 Apply Now Similar jobs in Wilmington, VT Suburban Propane Seasonal Truck Driver Est. You can split the earths population into two categories; people that love snowboarding more than life itself and people that have never tried snowboarding. Ski and Snowboard Improvement Courses Your SnowSkool Rep We have a big team in Mribel. SnowSkool has three snowboard instructor courses with three different qualifications, all of them will allow you to work globally: CSIA, BASI and NZSIA. The best instructors are those who are happy to teach others and who want their students to feel the same way about the sport as they do. So whether you want to start a snowboard career, take a break from work, or enjoy a rewarding gap year, our snowboard instructor courses could be for you. Snowboard Lessons - Group All experience levels Free Cancellation From 32 / day (2hrs) Check availability Want to book over the phone? How to afford a snowboard instructor course? This snowboard instructor course combines Nonstops legendary program with the massive combined ski area of Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay. Lessons start at $75/hr ! Train to develop your skiing or riding to instructor level and take your first level instructor certification. I prepare my clients for success! Required fields are marked *. For those who have completed their Snowsport Scotland level 1 Instructor course. However, if you truly love to snowboard and want to share your skills with others, its not always about how much money youre going to earn. We have come a long way and I use what I have learned from Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, and Neurogenisis to help others find, what I refer to as, their Wellness frequency. U.S. Join us and turn your passion into a profession. 2022 SnowboardHow.com. The in-person course will be preceeded with 2 mandatory 2hr online training events prior to the in person event. Maintains safety. Here are a few answers to some common questions relating to becoming a snowboarding instructor. If you want to start working as an instructor as quickly as possible this, is the way to go. 11 Weeks - Cardrona. For the first half of the season, this would take up 3 or 4 days of your week, building up your local knowledge as quickly as you can. Whether youre new to teaching or a season veteran, certification is one of the best ways to advance your career as a snowboard instructor. Compare teachers, ask questions, and hire only when ready. Come and join us in beautiful New Zealand for an unforgettable ski or snowboard instructor training course in Queenstown or at Canterbury's Mt Hutt Ski Field. Thus, you can become a ski instructor with Snowminds in e.g Austria, Canada, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, USA , Argentina, South Africa , and New Zealand, We have courses and experiences that last anywhere from one week to over six months and we are happy to help tailor a career break or a Gap year. You'll want something that is going to support you as you flex into the boots while riding, but not be too stiff to limit movements. Our managing director, Alan Garcia, has been a qualified snowboard instructor since he was just 15 years old! It also can help the hiring process to have your potential supervisor get to know you a little bit before you start working. During the course the Trainer and student formulate an ongoing action plan based on the student's participation. * THE MOST FUN: We have more FUN than can possibly be imagined. Thanks for taking the time to check out the photos. And would love to introduce you to an approach to the game that will help you create a consistent swing and lower your scores. YEW! Our team of pros will inspire you to learn new skills as you become the skier or snowboarder of your dreams. You also have to be patient and have a desire to help others find a passion for the sport. 13 Weeks - Banff. INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAMS. Training in skiing and snowboarding are a requirement as well as being able to work with a wide range of individuals. I enjoyed it so much, hopefully see you next season Hanna Hanna Kozlowska, CASI Snowboard Instructor, YEA DAWG!

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